Monday, June 1, 2015

May 27th 2015

Hey everyone,
The Bronx is pretty cool this time of year. Everyone is outside
just hanging out opening fire hydrants and stuff hahah. It is getting
pretty hot now some days are better then others but the humidity  is
definitely the worst part. When we walk anywhere we end up drenched in
sweat. It's pretty awful.

This last Sunday we walked with an investigator to church. He is from Nigeria which I assume is pretty
hot, but he said the weather in New York is the worst he's felt haha.

I am pretty surprised at how well I have been able to adjust here and
just as a missionary in general. We had interviews with president
yesterday and he said that a few missionaries had said that I am one
of the most prepared missionaries that they have seen. It really meant
a lot to here that, even though I don't feel quite that way. It makes
me happy to know that I came out at this time and not a year ago. I'm
happy I'm here now and having the experiences that I am having. I love
you all and hope you have an awesome week
       Elder Schmidt