Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Elder Schmidt's letter from 06/10/15

I know this is getting posted a week late. But after thinking about it for a long time I thought it better not to post his letter.

Curtis had quite the week last week in the space of a couple of days he witnessed two people take their lives. One of them was a person standing very close to him as they were waiting for the subway and as it was pulling up the person jumped onto the tracks. Being in Oakland for about 15 months of my mission I witnessed a-lot of things that opened my eyes to life outside of Mesa in the 80's but I never witnessed someone taking there lives let alone two in one week. I could only imagine the feelings he went through. He debated about telling us so we won't worry about him. Just like most missionary's he tries to make us think nothing can happen.  At the end of the letter he let us know in his way that he was he is processing it well, as he was talking about it he let us know that in both cases they were able to make both of their teaching appointments each of those days and were on time. That just made me chuckle a little bit that is what you call focus.

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