Sunday, March 29, 2015

First Emails from the MTC. March 20th 2015

Hey Dad,
I'm doing good.  It's awesome here.  My companions name is Elder Nelson, he's awesome.  We are starting to become friends and its awesome to teach and learn with him.  The Dear Elder thing is working fine.  I got your letter.  The MTC is awesome and teaching is so easy here because the spirit is so strong here.  It's hard and I am super tired all the time, but I'm learning so much here....and I can't wait to go share the gospel with people.  I was mad a zone leader last night and I get to help next week introducing the new elders and sisters in our district.  I got my flight plans today I leave on march 31st,  I will be landing first in Georgia and then transferring to a flight to NEW YORK.  Ha Ha.  Sorry this email is all over the place.  I just have been having a lot of things happening.  Oh yeah, I SAW TREVOR MC LAWS!  He is doing awesome!  I might be able to  get a picture to you guys some time, but he is doing awesome.  He was so happy and It's awesome to see someone I know here.  We started teaching lessons and stuff the first day and we haven't stopped.  I didn't know they had real investigators here that they let the missionaries teach.  Well,  I'm gonna write Mom and anyone else I can now.  Ha Ha.  Thank you for helping me get here.  I am so happy to learn and to grow as a missionary, and sharing God's purpose with others and helping to bring them to Christ.


Elder Schmidt
AKA: Curtis

P.S. My P-Day is Friday.  Ha Ha
Hey Mom,

 How is everything at home?  Everything here is awesome.  I'm learning so much about how to share the gospel and I'm learning a ton about how to listen to the spirit.  It's awesome to see just how much I knew before the MTC.  I'm so excited that i get to share this amazing gospel and teach them about the atonement because that is really what the gospel is about.  And to see how anything you teach someone revolves around Christ and His atonement.  We learned today that the purpose of a missionary is the same as any general authority and even the same purpose as our heavenly father.  It's amazing to see just how important missionary work is and that we are literally acting on gods behalf.  I told Dad about all my info and those things so he should tell you.  Mom thank you for all the outstanding things you do for me.  Another thing we talked about is that a parents purpose in the gospel is the same, to help your children receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism, and receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end, and that's exactly what you and dad have done.  Just like missionaries you couldn't force us to go on missions or read Scriptures or any of those things, but you taught us the importance of doing those things.  Mom thank you for all that you have done for me, since I got into the MTC I feel like I would be making you proud. I have started so many habits that were hard before.  I read my scriptures, pray (all the time), and I have cleaned up my language to be more missionary like.  I can already see the blessings of these habits.  I feel the spirit everyday when I teach and do the things missionaries do.  Again, thank you mom.  Ha Ha  I've been saying that a lot but, that's because I mean it.  Let me know how home is and all that stuff,


Elder Schmidt

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  1. Curtis, keep up the great work! We're very proud of you.