Sunday, March 29, 2015

MTC emails. March 27th 2015


I sent a letter to dad that was for the whole family, but I got more time, so I will write some more to you. Ha Ha.  The MTC is awesome as always.  Oh yeah, I forgot to say who is all in my district.  I will send pictures after the MTC if I can.  My companion is Elder Nelson.  We are staying in the same room as Elder Green and Elder Martin who are awesome.  Elder Green is super smart but can get annoying and Elder Martin is pretty cool.  He just has been on edge being companions with Elder Green and all.  Oh yeah, and they are serving in Gilbert, AZ so that was cool to hear...I forgot to tell you that.  Ha Ha.  I always tell them how much I wanted to leave Arizona for two years.  Ha Ha.  But then there are the Sisters.  Sister Zalaya who is going to the same mission.  She is companions with Sister Bishoff who is also going to AZ, and then Sister Harman who is going to Canada, and Sister Lawrence who is going to Los Angeles.  That is everyone in our district, but as a Zone Leader I am sort of over our branch along side Elder Nelson and I am over the new 8 Elders and Sisters in our branch/zone.  It was crazy when they came on Wednesday and I got to kind of see how much I've changed.  Anyways, life is good.  Let me know how everyone is. :)  I love you all.  Ha Ha.  Not really but sorta.  Ha Ha.


Elder Schmidt


Hey Dad,

Thanks for all your letters and emails.  First off, can you send me like everyone's email that you can, so I can write everyone in the family and stuff?  Ha Ha.  I am so pumped to get to New York though.  I can't wait to embrace the cold.  Oh, and I think this is just gonna be an email for everyone, just so I don't have to worry about writing two and when I get out to the field I will make sure to write real letters too, because there is just so much I wanna send.  Ha Ha 

The MTC is awesome!  We have our last lesson with Ben, our MTC investigator, that we have been told COULD BE  a real investigator or just a member.  We have gotten pretty far with helping him see Christ in his life and teaching him the doctrine.  I told him that we weren't there to just teach him and that it was up to him to put in the effort and make this something that he wanted.  He yelled at me and told me that I could just leave.  It was so freaky, but we got it turned around and he started to listen to us and HE PRAYED.  It was awesome.  He ready some of the Book of Mormon and prayed about it.  He said he didn't feel anything but he promised to keep praying about it.  We are going to be teaching him the gospel of Jesus Christ and ask him if he will talk to the missionaries in his area because this is our last time teaching him.  We want him to be able to keep progressing.  

Anyways, at the devotional last Sunday the head of missionary work talked to us and it was awesome.  I wanted to share something his wife said.  She related life to a piano and how the black keys represent the bad things and the white keys represent the good things.  The important thing to remember though is that even the black keys make music.  Ha Ha.  I just loved that little metaphor.  At the devotional Elder Hamulah of the Seventy came and spoke to us.  He was the Mission President of Kyle's Mission before he served there.  He talked a lot about faith and how without faith, hope is impossible, because there is no want.  Sorry, I just keep jumping from topic to topic.  I'm just super excited.  Ha Ha.  Um....tell Kyle he is lame and he will never be as cool as me.  And tell Lexi that I didn't cry once.  Ha Ha Ha. JK.  I cried a lot!  Ha Ha.  Um, but anyways, I am learning so much and I can't wait to learn more.  I will get back on in a bit to talk more, I just have to get my laundry.

Love you all,

Elder Schmidt

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