Sunday, April 26, 2015

Letters for the week of 4/19/15 (Sorry was slow this week)

Hey dad I'm sorry to announce that I will be attending the Yankees

game this Wednasday hahah sorry i held out as long as possible lol
anyways we are getting a lot more investigators it's so cool I sent an
email to moms so you can read about one of our investigators hahah
ummm yeah everything is good here I got my package and all mail goes
to the mission office thank you so much I love the matching ties hahah
it came Tuesday. All mail comes Tuesday hahah all the hi chews are
gone and the jellybean so lol it was so funny elder Sorensen was super
excited for the ties lol thank you so much. How's home? I can't watch
videos for some reason but I got like 2 pictures oh yeah umm can you
guys set up a couple Skype accounts or let me know if you want to just
call and let me know the number so I can contact you guys umm I will
let you know the time next week probably if I can alright well I gotta
go hahah

This is Dad(Kevin) talking now. I could not have been more excited then when we found out Curtis was going to NYC. There is so much there and so many things to see and there is such a vast variety of people and cultures. The one thing that scared me about NYC and Curtis was the chance of becoming a Yankee fan and now this Wednesday he would be attending his first game. I think the only thing worse then him becoming a Yankee fan is if he all of a sudden said Dad I am a Cowboy fan. 

I hope those who are reading this know that I am saying this all tongue in cheek. I and Kyle both had mission presidents that allowed us as whole missions to attend different things in the area. There is so much power when you are able to speak to the people in the area in which you are working and being able to say how much you enjoy things in their area and how great they are instead of ya I heard that they are neat or fun or beautiful, you are able to build an instant rapport that allows you to transition into a Gospel conversation cause it is almost inevitable you will be asked why you are there and what you are doing.

Here is a copy of Curtis's letter to Sondra for this week

Hey Mom,

How's home?  The mission is good.  I like it much.  I am having fun.  Just kidding, I am loving it here!  We have a decent teaching pool now and we are still having to actually schedule appointments.  This past week we met with some one named Kamara from somewhere in West Africa.  I think Sierra Leone.  He totally did not agree with anything.  He thought it was a terrible idea to pray to know if one religion was true because he felt that it would condemn the others and he didn't want to sin by judging another church.  But he said that he wanted to meet with us more so we said we could come over Wednesday's and we planned to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ because we felt it was very relateable to him and every other religion.  We were surprise to see that Kamara had company over when we got there.  One of the people was his pastor.  We were so scared his pastor was going to try and rip us to pieces.  He started to understand that our religion and his were very similar in belief so that was awesome.  At the end of the lesson he said that he wanted to speak with us more and that we might have a few converts.  It was ridiculous!  Elder Sorenson and I flipped out that night!  We are going to be teaching him tonight so I'm pretty excited.  We are teaching a lot more people and it is awesome.  

How are all of you?  I hear everyone is having more fun now.  I don't nee anything really here.  I couldn't get a watch in China Town unfortunately.  There were too many cops around, but I can go some other time to get them.  We might get the Bronx pants today, but I don't know.  We are kinda just playing basketball today cuz we are tired.  Send me some questions and I might answer today.  

Love you,

Elder Schmidt

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