Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Hey everyone,  How are you all doing?

The Bronx is still the Bronx. It's hard to actually describe what the Bronx is like, so we came up with our own adjective to describe things here. The word we use is bronxy, like our apartment is bronxy or  the people that walk around here are bronxy.
I'm doing great here. I found out that I know my area pretty well.
It's weird to have a missionary look at me and ask "what are we gonna
do?". I can't wait for elder Holtom to learn the area so that we have
two inputs for plans.
The other day we tracted a 6 floor building with
like 60 doors in it. It's a pretty small building here but it felt
like it was taking forever to knock all the doors, mostly because no
one was answering. We got to the bottom floor of the building and we
almost decided to not knock the floor because that is usually where
the super is, but we did it anyways. Almost half the doors opened and
were people who were pretty interested but one of them was my
A lady answered and immediately told us to come in and talk
to here daughter who was having a hard time. Her daughter was about 21
and her grandpa had just passed away. We taught her the plan of
salvation and she lit up. It is awesome to see all the little miracles
that are happening. 
The work here is picking up slowly but surely. We
are constantly finding new people to teach and to serve. I know that I
am supposed to be here in this mission and in the Bronx. I know that I
was called by a prophet of God to share the gospel with the people
here. I know that everyday I walk outside the lord is going to put
people in my path who are ready to hear the message of the restored
gospel. I love seeing how important the gospel is to everyone. Every
time someone speaks to us they bring up something that is related to
the gospel. I love the feeling I get when I teach and I love seeing
people when they begin to understand the importance of everything we
teach. I love it here and I wouldn't change a thing. 
Hey we have a family moving to Gilbert and university. Could I give them your guys
email or phone number? They are super cool. Let me know how you all
are doing. And let me know if I can do anything

       Elder schmidt

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