Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Letters from Elder Schmidt 5/20/2015

Hey, I'm doing pretty good getting around my area is super easy now. I
wouldn't say I've mastered it though.

 Training is just a twelve week with it and I'm training my companion and
 helping him learn the area and our district.

 I can go through Jesus the Christ in my studies, but
we've been told to focus our studies on the Book of Mormon and preach
my gospel.

 I am loving it here though. I found the perfect way to
contact people on the street here too. You just stand in front of them
and offer them a picture of Jesus. Everyone here loves Jesus. 

The other day I got dared to approach these three dudes that looked like
they just got out of prison hahahah they all had the tear drop tattoos
and stuff. They turned out to be super nice and they loved
missionaries and what we do. They unfortunately we're to "busy" to
have us teach them but it's cool to see how everyone pretty much
recognizes us. Well I'm gonna end now we're going to Manhattan to do
touristy stuff. I will talk to you guys later. I sent a few emails to
mom and one to kyle. Check his out its pretty funny. If he won't show
you tell me and I will send it to you.

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